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tv   Earth Focus  LINKTV  August 26, 2013 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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funding for crossroads cafe was provided in part... by the departments of education of the states of... california florida, illinois... and new york. and by the united states department of education... and the united states immigration and naturalization service.
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look at this place. we open in less than a week and there is still so much to do. cleaning electrical work, painting. [ chuckles ] we don't even have a name yet. who goes to a restaurant that has no name ? eh, maybe tomorrow i will think of something. this restaurant is your idea, eva. so what do you want to call it ? it would all be so much easier if you were here. i spent two hours working on this !
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you were sleeping for two hours ! did you forget to cook this ? it tastes like it's raw ! - i need a new oven ! - you need to learn how to cook ! if you had equipment that works like any other restaurant-- this is not any other restaurant ! this is-- - a big mess ! - ahh ! your restaurant doesn't even have a name ! face it, brashov, you don't know wt you're doing ! i know i am going to open this restaurant in two days ! well, i won't be here to see it. you can find yourself another cook. - fine ! i will do that ! - this place won't even be here in a month. yeah, yeah, fine, fine ! go on, go on ! come back in a month and we will see who is right ! mr. brashov. - what is it ? - i heard what he said. ah, he does not know what he's talking about. we will open on time. if there is a problem with the oven, i'm sure i can fix it. let me see what i can do. is this okay mr. brashov ?
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okay, mr. brashov, i'm ready to paint the na on the awning. now, what are you going to call this place ? - i don't know yet. - you've got to call it something. when i think of a name i will tell you. how can you open a restaurant without a name ? believe me that's the least of my problems. my chef just quit; the newspaper did not run the waitress ad until yesterday. so here i am two days before opening. i have no cook, and even if i did, there is no one to serve the food. there is now ! hi. i'm miranda. actress, guitar player fortune teller. i'm here about the waitress job. - yeah, and i'm here to run for president. - so ? when do i start ? so, you need someone to serve food or what ? i really enjoy working with people. i got this one at an all-night party. i can be very flexible about the hours i work.
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i always try to be cheerful. customers like that. thank you for coming in. i'll let you know. excuse me, i'm looking for the owner. mr. brashov. victor brashov. that's him right there. thank you. mr. brashov ! i am brashov. hello. i'm katherine blake. - i've just come from the chandler agency. - from where ? the employment office ? mr. brashov ? yes ? we got a problem with the freezer door. - can you fix it ? - i'll see what i can do. you must be very busy. i can come back. no, wait a minute. i remember now-- come with me i can't hear a thing in here. sorry about the mess. oh, that's okay. we are very busy getting ready to open. you can sit here.
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please. thank you. here's my resume. i think you'll find i've had a lot of experience, especially in the area of-- look how thin you are. how could you work in a restaurant and be so thin ? just lucky, i guess. it runs in the family. - anyway, the first restaurant that i worked at was-- - have something to eat first. and then we can talk. - please. - what is this ? - romanian sausage. - ohh. mmm. water ! are you all right ? excuse me. i'm looking for mr. brashov. and you have found him. i'm sorry i'm late. my day has been a total nightmare.
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first my roommate's car wouldn't start-- dead battery. so i had to run to the bus stop and get on the bus just as it was pulling away. i was in such a hurry that i didn't read that sign on the front you know, the little one near the top that says where the bus is going. by the time i realized i was on the wrong bus it was too late. so i had to get off, find the right one and anyway, here i am ! who are you ? i'm rosa rivera. i called yesterday about the ad for the waitress job. i am interviewing for that position. - excuse me. i had an appointment. - which you were late for. - pero esta mujer no me deja hablar. - please. english or romanian. mr. brashov, i am a very organized person, and i think you'll find that's important for this position. i agree. from the time i was nine years old, i did most of the cooking and cleaning in my home, and took care of all of my brothers and sisters. - the poor dears. - everyone survived, thank you. - you can cook ? - yes. i worked in my family's restaurant...
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and i studied cooking in school. - where are you from ? - i was born in this country but i grew up in mexico. mmm. all right. i need a chef. you say you can cook. let's see what you can do. so, mr. brashov, let me tell you about my background. excuse me ! no problem. i will fix it. what is this ? it is the oven. well, part of it anyway. jamal, do you have any idea what you are doing ? mr. brashov, please ! you are talking to an engineer from the finest technical school in egypt. - yes, but how many ovens have you fixed ? - well... there is a first time for everything. mr. brashov ? i know you haven't had a chance to look at my resume--
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oh, but i'm sure it is very impressive. i think you'll find i've had a great deal of experience, especially in the area of-- [ jamal ] fire ! fire ! oh, no. i don't believe this. - mr. brashov, there is a fire ! - oh ! now, where did i put that-- hurry ! it's burning ! you cooked it too much ! you're going to fry us all to a crisp ! wait ! stop ! wait ! whoo ! that smoke detector is much too sensitive. [ chuckles ] i will fix it immediately. are you trying to burn down my restaurant before we open ? no. i was trying to make one of my special desserts for you. apparently something charbroiled. flambeed.
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i'll be right back. so, mr. brashov, about the waitress position-- ready for that name, mr. brashov. and i am ready for a long vacation. you and me both. so what about the name ? when i think of a name you will be the first to know. okay. it's your money. excuse me, mr.-- so, mr. brashov-- what i was trying to-- i was going to ask-- i can cooky specialties. - would you like to try some ? - that will not be necessary. i need a cook, not someone who can start fires. i ay y despues de tanto trabajo ! i este tipo no sabe nada ! i nada de cocina y despues me culpa a mi ! can everybody please get back to work ? thank you ! so, mr. brashov, what i was trying to tell you-- wait ! - i like it. - you do ? - yes, it's delicious ! - thank
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you. - it was my favorite when i was growing up. - can you cook anything else ? yes ! i can cook dishes from all over the world. sweet and sour meat balls-- if you can cook without burning down the restaurant, you can cook for brashov ! thank you, mr. brashov ! you won't be sorry. excuse me. - i hope you have fire insurance. - i hope i have a chef. did i mention that i worked at mario's italian restaurant ? ohh ! terrific spaghetti there. - ye! absolutely ! - it's too bad they closed down ten years ago. good news, mr. brashov. the oven is working. so, where did you work after mario's ? a very special organization. what was its name ? the blake family. i've never heard of it. what kind of food do they have there ? mr. brashov, i'm talking about my own home. for the past ten years i've organized the lives of three people, two dogs and a bird.
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hmm. i have heard enough. cuse me. i have to check on jamal. well, thank you anyway. so much work to do and you are leaving early ? you mean i have the job ? anybody who could take care of three people, two dogs and a bird... can probably take care of brashov's customers. here, fill this out and give one to rosa. - mr. brashov. - now what ? - thank you. - you are welcome. come on, everybody ! let's get moving now ! yes, hello. could you connect me with your personnel office please ? so what about your place ? you think
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i could apply for something there ? yes, you probably could. they always take applications. i've been there a while, so i can pull some strings here and the. - can i come down tomorrow ? - is that what you want to do ? - i want a job ! if you want to stay here look in the local paper. there's things in there. there was a couple "help wanted" signs down main street. you know, near the big shopping center ? right across from the bookstore. okay. even better yet-- go to a temp agency. oh, yes, those are the best. how about that resource center on fifth street ? is that place still open ? oh, i didn't even think of that ! that's a great idea ! okay, one of the things that you want to always remember... is when it comes to clothing you want to leave your funky personality at home. colors are very important; you want to stick to conservative colors. things like blues, grays blacks, whites. you don't want dangling bracelets and you don't want dangling earrings. leave them at home. it's also very important to dress at least as well as the interviewer...
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for the interview. lydia ! it's important to give a nice, firm handshake... when you go into the interview. a firm handshake says you're awake, you're alert and you're ready for a good day's work. okay, another important question... that an interviewer is likely to ask is, what are your strengths and what are your weaknesses ? what they're really looking for are, what can you do or what do you know how to do well... that will help me, the employer do my job ? we have a very busy office here. how do you see yourself fitting in ? i'm very enthusiastic and i work very well under pressure. well, those are important qualities. the next important key is eye contact. eye contact is very, very important, because it communicates to the employer a sense of sincerity... and a sense of being self-assured and confident. thank you so much.
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it's been a pleasure lydia. let me know when you want to see don. okay, i could do that tomorrow too. okay, why don't you do all of it ? you'll get a job. what a mess. don't worry, mr. brashov. we'll make it. i am talking about the ad in the paper: "new restaurant, grand opening." - well, that sounds fine to me. - yes, except there's no name in the ad. i'm sure people will find out eventually. hello ? yes, this is the mystery restaurant but we don't open for another three hours. no, i cannot take an order. because i have no one to deliver food. let me take care of this. hello, this is katherine. what would you like us to deliver ? are you out of your mind ? okay. a hamburger, french fries--
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who orders hamburgers and french fries at 9:00 in the morning ? would you hold one moment, please ? mr. brashov, he's our first customer ! some people eat cereal for dinner; he eats hamburgers for breakfast. - all right, go ahead. - do we have a way to talk to the kitchen from here ? sure. - rosa ! - never mind. i'll take the order to her myself. maybe you can get his address. may i have your address, please ? [ katherine ] rosa ! i need a burger, medium, lettuce, tomato, pickles no mayonnaise, - an order of fries and a small salad. - at this hour ? - oh, no. not you too. - okay, but ground beef hasn't arrived yet. - all i have is turkey. - mr. brashov, we don't have any beef for the hamburger. now what are we going to do ? - i'll make it with turkey. - turkey is not beef. - but it has less fat. - and less taste ! - the customer is waiting ! - all right, go ahead. i hope he will understand. - i'll go explain.
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- looking for the bike path ? - i'm trying to find the post office. - shouldn't you be trying to find your school ? - no, school's closed today. -what's the name of this place ? -is that the only question people know how to ask ? - well, there's nothing outside that says-- - yes, i know that already. all right, you go up to the corner and turn right. - right ? - yes, right. and then you go two blocks and you will come to the shopping center. the post office is in the middle of the shopping center. okay. great. thanks. you are welcome. - rosa, where is that burger ? - coming ! this is not a good time for me to leave. maybe i should go. no, no. you stay here and finish what you are doing. this place should at least look like a restaurant. excuse me. i got a little lost. - already ? - yes. did you say to turn-- - one turk burger ! - and it isn't even on fire. thank you, rosa. you're welcome. go to the corner and turn right. oh, i ought you said left. well,
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i'd better get going before i forget again. all the way to china ? who do you know in china ? most of my relatives live there. anyway, thanks for your help. excuse me, young man. what is your name ? henry chang. all right, henry chang i have a little job for you. "a little job." what do you mean ? please, come with me. you are already making one delivery, so why not maktwo ? what do you mean "make two" ? when you deliver your package you ll deliver this. the customer will give you $8.95. you really want me toeliver this for you ? yes, here is the address and here are the directions. and here is our telephone number in case you have a problem. is this some kind of joke ? you will do fine. deliver the food first. then you will take just two sho blocks to the post office. the customer will give you a tip,
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and i will give you something for your trouble. please, the food is getting cold. hurry ! i can't believe i'ing this. in this episode we are learning... how to give information about ourselves and how to find out about others. your name is often the first thing others want to know about you. it is included in all kinds of forms and documents.
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another question that is often asked is where are you from ? now tell me about yourself. what is your name, and where are you from ? writing the specials on the board is tacky.
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it looks-- warm and friendly. - he should have been back a long time ago. - who ? - henry. - well, you know kids don't always do what they should do. i was afraid this would happen. you just can't trust teenagers these days. he probably went to the post office first and took the food home with him. hello. - what happened to you ? - henry ? did you find it ? calm down. you are not far from here. go to the corner and turn right. go down two blocks and you will see us on the left side of the street. all right, we'll see you in a few minutes. our first sale ! i knew he could do it. here you are and thank you very much. thank you. maybe now you can buy yourself a good city map. rosa, do we have a sandwich for this fine gentleman ?
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he has ridden his bicycle halfway to china today ! no, that's okay. i've really got to get going. please. it is on the house. well, in that case i guess i am kind of hungry. - coming right up ! - have a seat, young man. thanks excuse me, please. - katherine, tables 4 and 5 need sugar and napkin holders. - right away, mr. brashov. - rosa, check the oven again, please. - yes, mr. brashov. and what do you want me to do ? come back after we open. it will only be another few minutes. - something tells me i'm not going to get my suits pressed. - the dry cleaner moved out. you are standing in the middle of, of-- a restaurant looking for a name. - you know, i wodn't mind a cup of coffee. - i am sorry, my friend, but-- the name is jess. jess washington. victor brashov. now, how about that cup of coffee ? well, we are not open yet, jess. but if you can--
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have a seat at the counter. i'll be happy to pour you a cup. - regular or decaf ? - regular, please. whew ! this place is like a train station at rush hour. - thank you. - what do you do for a living, jess ? used to work at the post office. now i'm retired and i spend most of my time reading the newspaper and playing chess. ah, chess. in my younger years i was champion of my entire school ! well, let's see how much you remember. no problem. i will clean this up right away. - who is that guy ? - that's jamal. he works for me part-time as a handyman. doesn't look very handy from where i'm sitting. he is actually an engineer, - but he was laid off from his job. - your move. mr. brashov, will you take a look at this, please ? uh, yes. excuse me, please. all right, but it's your move. jamal.
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- could you make a move for me, please ? - all right, mr. brashov. - are you sure you want to do that ? - that will be fine. - it's all yours. - thank you. - tough break, losing your job. - yes. but i am lucky i have mr. brashov to help me out. so how does an unemployed engineer end up working at a restaurant ? when mr. brashov was new in this country, my great-uncle was his landlord. he helped mr. brashov a lot. very nice. now i am new in this country and mr. brashov is helping me; we are like family. ah. checkmate. sorry. mr. brashov ! i still have not thought of a name. but you're running out of time ! now what are you going to call this place ? can i have everybody's attention, please ? thank you.
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this restaurant is going to open in a few minutes and we still do not have a name. does anybody have any ideas ? -how about calling it brashov's? -no, no, that could mean anything. a hardware store a mechanic's garage. i've got it ! rosa's cantina ! she's been here for two days and already she thinks she owns the place. someday, when you have your own place, you can call it that. - come on, folks ! - [ jess ] how about crossroads cafe ? what did you say ? i said crossroads cafe. what does "crossroads" mean ? it's a place where two roads meet but it can also be a place where people meet, kind of like an intersection. a crossroads. well ? that's it ! crossroads cafe is open for business ! all right ! whoo !
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